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Guidelines for Viewing Past Issue of the Mideast Mirror

There are literally thousands of past issues of the Mideast Mirror, and these are gradually being added to the Mirror archives here. Below you can find some guidelines as to how to use these archives.

Past issues of the Mideast Mirror have been arranged in three categories

Section A: The Israeli Press

Section B: The Arabic Press

Section C: The Turkish & Iranian Press.

In addition, each issue is published on a specific date. These two factors -- the section and the date -- determine the name of each issue in these archives.

So, for example, the Isreali issue of October 3rd, 2011 is indexed as 3.10.11.A; the Arabic section issued on that same day is indexed as 3.10.11.B; and so on.

Viewing past issues of the Mirror can be done in many ways:

1. Archived articles can be accessed by clicking on the 'View Archives' tab in the Main Menu on the left and using the drop-down search list on that page of that section. Once you are on the "View Archives" page, you can enter the specific day of the issue in the empty box under the word "Filter"  on the left of the page (which from now on we shall refer to as the "Filter Box"), then choose the month and year from the drop down menus to the left of that field.

2. You can also search for the specific issue you want by typing in the index for that issue in the Filter Box. For example, if you are looking for the Israeli issue of 3.10.2011, just type in: 3.10.11.A in  the Filter Box. You can also access that same issue by typing in the same index in the search box above the Main Menu to the left.

3. You can search for all issues of the Mirror belonging to a particular section issued on a particular month by typing in the section's index (A, B, or C) in the Filter Box to the left of the drop down menus and choosing the month and year from these menus, then clicking on the "Filter" tab to the right of that drop down menu.

In addition, there are other search capabilities that you are invited to explore.