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Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



PRINCE OF TIDES: Smadar Peri asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that MBS is modernizing Saudi Arabia while employing brutal strong-arm tactics at home, and is moving closer to a normalization deal with Israel at the same time.

FOOLISH FASHIONS: Ran Baratz claims in Makor Rishon that the 1993 concept collapsed and the lesson for the right-wing is clear.

NO SAUDI NUKES: Yoni Ben Menachem argues in ArabExpert that Israel cannot agree to Saudi nukes.

ROSH YEHUDI: MK Matan Kahana stresses in Makor Rishon that the ‘Dream Religious Coalition" is only distancing Jews from their Judaism.

POLITICS AND PALESTINE: Amos Harel proclaims in Haaretz that enrichment is not the main obstacle to an Israel-Saudi normalization deal.

POISED ON THE BRINK: The Jerusalem Post editorial contends that Netanyahu must not let his coalition interfere with Saudi normalization.


From Today's Arabic Press



LIKE EVERY YEAR: The barefoot worshippers who stampeded al-Aqsa Mosque as part of the Jewish rites for observing Yom Kippur are really part of the ongoing Israeli attempt to Judaize Jerusalem and the Mosque and erase the city's Arab and Muslim character, claims Tuesday's editorial in the Qatari-owned London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi. But this year's incursions into al-Aqsa are different from previous years' because it is taking place against the background of the most extremist rightwing Israeli government in power and a rush of Arab regimes to normalize relations with Israel regardless of the Palestinians' rights.

REVIVAL OF "PEACEFUL RESISTANCE": With the resumption of Palestinian protest marches along the Gaza Strip's Eastern borders with Israel, some are casting doubt on the efficacy of such actions in light of the enormous costs incurred by the Palestinians during the two-year long Marches of Return that started in 2018, notes Palestinian commentator Talal 'Awkal in the leading Palestinian daily al-Ayyam. But it is in the nature of the Palestinian struggle against one of the world's most vicious occupations backed by all of the world's evil powers that it cannot help but involve huge Palestinian sacrifices; still, the fact that the slogans raised by the present protests are confined to lifting the blockade on Gaza may indicate that they have a different aim from the Marches of Return.

GENGHIS KHAN RETURNS TO SYRIA: The "strategic partnership" between Syria and China announced by the Chinese president during the Syrian president's visit to Beijing is nothing short of a major political earthquake in the Arab Mashriq and the Mediterranean, contends Editor-in-Chief Sati' Noureddin on Tuesday's Lebanese news portal It is immeasurably more significant than Iran and Russia's intervention in Syria and bolsters the Damascus regime by imparting to it the enormous economic impetus that China brings with it, allowing it to dispense with the need for reconciliation with the Arab world and Turkey, and provides China with a forward operating base for investment in the Eastern Mediterranean.

ELECTORAL DELUSIONS: The Egyptian authorities are delaying the adoption of painful economic measures till after the presidential elections are held in the hope that this will not affect the current president's chances of winning and that it will bestow an aura of electoral legitimacy on any measures it takes after the elections, claims Egyptian commentator Osama al-Rashidi on the Qatari-owned pan-Arab news portal But this is not likely to hinder the populace at large from taking to the streets after the elections if they find their ability to secure their basic livelihood needs threatened; nor will it hinder movements within the Egyptian military from toppling the regime, as recently happened in Gabon and in Egypt itself one year after the election of Mohammad Morsi.

UNITY AND DIVISION: As Iraq prepares for its upcoming provincial council elections later this year, the main Shiite Coordination Framework coalitions are putting up new and relatively unknown candidates not tainted by past allegations of corruption and other shortcomings leveled against Coordination officials in the hope of attracting votes, notes Iraqi commentator Yassin Taha on the Iraqi Kurdish But since Muqtada al-Sadr is not endorsing any candidates and the Sadrists will not be running, there is a significant doubt about whether the elections will be held on schedule.