Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



NEXT PHASE IN GAZA: Alex Fishman writes in Yedioth Ahronoth that Israel has already landed a few heavy blows against Hamas, and must now decide how to proceed.

MISSED AGAIN: Yair Sheleg claims in Makor Rishon that in past wars, Israeli Arabs tried hard to shake off the image of a treacherous fifth column, much to the disappointment of Arab states; now they have embarked on a tragic path.

HAMAS CELEBS STILL ALIVE: Avi Issacharoff argues in Walla! that only targeted assassinations of symbols such as Deif or Sinwar will supply Israel with its victory photo.

THE OLD PARADIGM STRIKES BACK: Doron Matza states in Israel Hayom that what we have witnessed in recent days is an attempt to break the new order established here in the past decade under cautious and pragmatic leaders.

NO ONE AT THE WHEEL: Anshel Pfeffer proclaims in Haaretz that the events of the past two days have caught many so-called experts unaware, but the truth is no one knows what is going on in the minds of Israel's and Gaza's leaders.

IS ISRAEL REACHING A TIPPING POINT?: Seth J. Frantzman contends in The Jerusalem Post that the explosion of violence appears to have come from nowhere but has deep roots in the country.


From Today's Arabic Press



OMENS OF NEW FACTORS: A number of important new factors have emerged from the ongoing Palestinian/Israeli clashes, maintains Thursday's editorial in Qatari-owned London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi. First, is Hamas's unexpected firepower and reach that have challenged Israel's deterrent powers, and second, is the rise of a unified Palestinian stance encompassing the Palestinian citizens of Israel, while Israel's global image as an aggressor has been consolidated.

DEEPLY SHAMEFUL: The Palestinian cause is a central Arab/Muslim cause, and Palestine must be liberated with a state based on the 1967 borders, affirms Abdelnasser al-Otaibi in Thursday's Abu Dhabi daily al-Ittihad. The problem is that Israeli PM Netanyahu is fanning the flames to remain and power, and Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are exploiting the conflict to their own end.

A MAJOR CHANGE: Israel's deterrence has been undermined by Hamas's show of strength, claims Ali Hamadeh in Thursday's center-right Beirut daily an-Nahar. This may encourage Hezbollah and Iran to escalate against Israel, but Israel is also likely to reassess its strategy, and Lebanon's interest is to stay out of the fray under any circumstances.

SILENT COLLUSION: The Arab normalizers and the international community have remained silent as Israel commits its crimes against the Palestinians, asserts Raghib Attiyeh in Syrian state-owned daily ath-Thawra. Only Hamas has had the gumption to challenge Israel, and the danger is that, if unchecked, Netanyahu may lead the region to war in a bid to remain in power.

IRAN IS NOT IN A RUSH: The U.S. position on a new nuclear deal with Iran has passed through various phases since the advent of the Biden administration, Editor-in-ChiefIbrahim al-Amin in left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. Chief U.S. negotiator Robert Malley has been acting under various constraints as have his Iranian counterparts, but Washington has made it clear that it is ready to put its own interests first, regardless of its regional allies' objections. Meanwhile, however, Iran's supreme leader Khamenei has determined that Tehran will not be negotiating under pressure from the upcoming June presidential elections, and that it is in no rush to reach a deal.