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Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



HAMAS' PRICE: Meir Ben Shabat asserts in Israel Hayom that Hamas's five demands reveal its strategic goals for the day after.

TIME FOR WAR: Yair Ravid, former head of Mossad operations in Beirut, claims in Ynet that the only way to organize an anti-Hezbollah opposition is to severely harm Lebanon.

NO PRESSURE: Hodaya Karish Hazoni argues in Makor Rishon that Hamas knows that every time it rejects an offer – a better one comes along.

A PERSONAL MATTER: Yoni Ben-Menachem stresses in ArabExpert that Sinwar is sacrificing Gazans to fulfill his megalomaniacal dream.

NO POLICY, NO GOALS: Amos Harel proclaims in Haaretz that Israel's rolling campaign on two fronts could become an all-out war.

MAKING NEW FRIENDS: Zvika Klein contends in The Jerusalem Post that Israel must embrace its allies on the European right, despite their troubling past.


From Today's Arabic Press



BETWEEN A FUTILE WAIT AND AN AIMLESS THREAT: With its operation in the Rafah governorate coming to a critical juncture, Israel faces crucial questions concerning its next steps now that its military tools for pressuring the Palestinian resistance into surrender have all been shown to be ineffective, argues Lebanese commentator Yahiya Dabouq in Friday's left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. Because of the high stakes of its bet on its ability to achieve "total victory" both in Gaza and on other fronts, especially Lebanon, Israel is in severe shock at the failure of its bet on military operations – all of which may contribute to prolonging the war.

ICJ RULING: Instead of the resolution it got the Security Council to adopt that enables Israel to continue with its genocidal war, and instead of holding the Palestinians responsible for Israel's rejection of a permanent ceasefire, the Biden administration should have insisted on the implementation of the International Court of Justice's (ICJ's) ruling that calls for an end to the Israeli attack on Rafah, maintains Palestinian commentator Mohammad Yaghi in Friday's leading Palestinian daily al-Ayyam. But that would have put it on a collision course with Israel in whose genocide it is a complete partner.

NEW DYNAMICS: Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah are all pawns of greater powers in a tug-of-war that will establish regional and global dynamics that transcend all three of them, insists Editor-in-Chief Ghassan Hajjar in Friday's Lebanese center-right daily an-Nahar. The real battle is over the shape of the region, with Iran using Hezbollah and Hamas to secure a place for itself in the scene that will emerge after the dust of battle settles.

MEETING IN THE MIDST OF GENOCIDE: Reports that Israeli Chief of Staff Halevi met the top military officials from Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt in Manama on Monday come amid Israeli escalation against Hezbollah, threatening to lead to a war that all rational military and political actors in Israel have warned against, notes Suleiman Abu-Ersheid on the PCI-(Palestinian citizens of Israel) focused news portal In effect, these Arab armies are providing cover for the hardline Israeli government's risky adventures that may ignite the entire region.

MISDIAGNOSING THE LIBYAN CRISIS: The Libyan situation is not solely the fault of the Libyan people and factions, as the deputy head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya for political affairs declared, but rather a mixture between an internal crisis and blatant foreign interference in Libya, maintains Libyan commentator Jibril al-'Obeidi in Friday's Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat. Five major powers are preventing the resolution of the Libyan crisis, perpetuating the country's fragmentation in pursuit of their own schemes.