Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



DO NOT DELAY: Professor Efraim Inbar writes in Makor Rishon that only sovereignty can secure the Jordan Valley as Israel's security border and the demilitarization of a Palestinian state as stipulated in the American plan.

BE BOLD: Amnon Lord claims in Israel Hayom that even in the face of unclear signals from Washington, there is need for initiative and resoluteness on the application of sovereignty. In Israel's history, there have always been favorable rewards for bold moves.

VINDICATING TRUMP'S IRAN POLICY: Zalman Shoval argues in Maariv that the president's approach has proven itself. All the more so because U.S. assessments that if Biden wins the election, he is liable to broach initiatives for thawing ties with Tehran.

PLAYING WITH AMERICAN FIRE: Nathan Zachs asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that in the eyes of most Americans there is no third option between two states for two peoples or a bi-national state. If two states are impossible, a large majority of Americans will prefer one democratic state, a state of all its citizens:

JULY OR BUST: Hagar Shezaf proclaims in Haaretz that settlers seem to be coming to terms with the notion that despite Netanyahu's promises for the West Bank, ultimately nothing will happen.

FLAWED PROCESS: Yaakov Katz contends in The Jerusalem Post that annexation may be right, but this is not how a unity government should make a decision of such strategic proportions.



From Today's Arabic Press



THE THIRD NAKBA: Writing in a Qatari-owned pan-Arab daily before the Israeli government's move to delay an announcement on annexation today (Wednesday), Sabri Saydam in Wednesday's Qatari-owned London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi compares such a move with the series of Palestinian setbacks since 1948. There appears to be no real deterrent to Israel's land grabs, whether from the international community or the enfeebled Arab states, and the Palestinians' only recourse is through determined resistance.

ALLON'S PROJECT: Israel's current annexationist project harks back to the immediate aftermath of the 1967 War, notes Muhannad 'Abdelhamid in the leading Palestinian daily al-Ayyam. The fact is that Israel's colonial-settler design has succeeded whereas Palestinian liberation has ended, but since the Palestinians must develop new and carefully considered strategies of resistance that avoid the mistakes of the past, they can draw strength from the convergence between their struggle and the global protests against oppression and injustice

MASSIVE BATTLEGROUND: Makram Tarawneh in Wednesday's Amman daily al-Ghad points to Amman's links to the EU and its role in warning against Israel's annexationist schemes. Jordan has played a critical role in mobilizing the international community against any such move that could light the fuse that will affect the entire region and beyond.

BONE-BREAKING BATTLE: Iraq's Iranian-affiliated militias are seeking to impose Tehran's will on Iraq, and after a recent confrontation, everything is possible between PM Kazemi's government on the one hand, and these militias on the other, says Juma'a Abdallah on the independent Iraqi news portal www.sotaliraq.com.. This confrontation will not end until one side concedes to the other, and the coming days will be full of surprises as long as the militias pursue a confrontational and threatening discourse with Kazemi.

'CRIMINAL INTERFERENCE': France has openly condemned Ankara's military intervention in Libya, as Turkish President Erdogan's continues to pour oil on the fire of the conflict by seeking to control Libya's resources and fulfill his neo-Ottoman fantasies, says the editorial in Wednesday's UAE daily al-Khaleej. The danger is that Egypt may be drawn into the war, and that Erdogan's delusions will lead to a broader conflagration.