Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



NOT LONG LASTING: Amos Yadlin, interviewed in N12, asserts Hamas will block Lapid's vision of "economic peace".

WHY HAMAS STAYED OUT OF IT: Mordechai Keidar claims in Makor Rishon that while Hamas deals with all aspects of life in Gaza, Islamic Jihad only stands in its way and undermines its rule.

SHOCK WAVES FROM NABLUS: Yoav Limor argues in Israel Hayom that even though it was not a top-tier terrorist who was taken out, the targeted assassination in the Casbah fomented unrest due to the high toll of casualties.

BETWEEN GAZA AND TEHRAN: Orly Azoulay stresses in Yedioth Ahronoth that the line connecting the Strip to the nuclear deal is America's fatigue with Middle East confrontations.

NEXT TIME WITH NUKES: Chuck Freilich proclaims in Haaretz that how Israel responds to military pressure from Gaza, and from Hezbollah, would be radically different if their patron Iran crosses the nuclear threshold.

EGYPT SCORES POINTS: Herb Keinon contends in The Jerusalem Post that Cairo, again, proved indispensable in brokering the Gaza ceasefire.


From Today's Arabic Press



CEASEFIRE: The recent round of fighting in Gaza highlights the urgent need for the Palestinians to formulate a comprehensive vision and strategy and a unified leadership, urges Palestinian commentator Hani al-Masri on the independent Palestinian news-portal www.masarat.ps. Among other reasons, this is necessary to prevent the sort of situation where a single Palestinian faction decides to escalate for whatever reason and creates a situation in which Israel can exploit inter-Palestinian divisions to impose its will.

ISRAELI ASSASSINATIONS: Inadvertently, Israel's attacks and assassinations of Fatah members in the West Bank yesterday served to promote the unity of the various Palestinian arenas that Islamic Jihad had raised as the slogan of its battle in Gaza, notes Wednesday's editorial in the Qatari-owned, London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi. Not only the various Palestinian arenas are being united by Israel's fascist practices, but various Palestinian factions, demographics and generations are welded together as Israel's apartheid nature becomes more and more obvious.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: As soon as it finished its killings of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Israel moved to killing three Palestinian Fatah members in the West Bank, further exposing its murderous nature and consolidating the unity of Palestinians at grassroots level, contends Hamada Fara'neh in Wednesday's Amman daily ad-Dustour. But this cannot change the Palestinians' determination to fight for their rights and very existence.

STANDING ON A MINEFIELD: Jordan must reevaluate its relationship with Palestine at three levels: Its support for the PA, its relations with the resistance factions, and its commitment to the peace process, urges Jordanian commentator Maher Abu-Tayr in Wednesday's Amman daily al-Ghad. The assumptions on which its previous policies were based no longer hold and the effects on it of developments in them can be disastrous.

INTIMIDATING HEZBOLLAH: While both Israel and Lebanon are eager to exploit their maritime oil and gas resources and would therefore be willing to do all they can to avoid war, the picture remains unclear in light of Israel's talk of "days of fighting" and Hezbollah's threats to prevent Israel from drilling if no agreement is reached on maritime borders to Lebanon's satisfaction, notes Tony Issa in the center-right Beirut daily al-Joumhouria. The question is whether Israel believes it can intimidate Hezbollah or wage a restricted "small war" against it if no agreement is reached.