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Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



PARALYZED: Nadav Haetzni asserts in Israel Hayom that Israel has a blueprint for thwarting the pernicious American plan for a Palestinian State.

QIDWA'S PLAN: Nahum Barnea claims in Yedioth Ahronoth that Arafat's nephew, a Palestinian prince in exile, has been making the rounds in Arab capitals to promote his plan for a new Palestinian government.

UNPRECEDENTED AUDACITY: Arik Barbing argues in N12 that the terror attack near Ma'ale Adumim yesterday followed the Nukhba modus operandi, requiring preparation, intelligence, escape routes, categorization and of course weapons.

MOSCOW WANTS IN: Yoni Ben Menachem stresses in ArabExpert that Russia is trying to arrange a rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas and increase its influence on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

ARMAGEDDON: Ehud Olmert proclaims in Haaretz that Netanyahu's messianic coalition partners want an all-out regional war; Gaza is just a first step.

NO MERE MESSENGER: Yonah Jeremy Bob contends in The Jerusalem Post that Mossad Chief David Barnea is crucial in hostage negotiations due to the high respect accorded to him by all the key players.


From Today's Arabic Press



A MATTER OF DAYS: With the start of the second round of negotiations in Paris today (Friday) on a prisoner swap and a long-term truce deal in the Gaza war, it is still not clear if Israel will really proceed to extend the Israeli ground campaign to Rafah or whether Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu is using the threat of this extension as a negotiation card, contends Lebanese commentator Yahiya Dabouq in Friday's left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. What is clear to Hamas, however, is that the Israeli captives' card is its most important guarantee which it had better not relinquish in the absence of a long ceasefire since in that case Israel's margin for maneuver will be wider, whetting its appetite for imposing its visions for the "day after", which is why Hamas is insisting there will be no release of the captives without stopping the war.

THE LOSING PARTY: The Palestinians and their supporters must realize that, while Israel has so far not succeeded in its military campaign, it is treating what happened in Gaza as a golden opportunity to relentlessly pursue its strategic political aim of transferring the Palestinians from their homeland and doing so with the support of the U.S. deep state, contends Palestinian commentator 'Abdallah Ma'rouf on Friday's Hamas-affiliated news portal All the facts on the ground indicate this and all the hype about disagreements between Israel and the U.S. is part of a disinformation effort to distract the Palestinians and the world's attention from the real Israeli plan, to which the Palestinians must respond by refraining from engaging with any reports or news from official U.S. or Israeli sources, and understand that if Israel succeeds in Gaza, it will move to do the same in the West Bank.

DEALING WITH A DIRE SITUATION: Against the background of the famine and disease that is spreading among around 1.5 million Gazans pushed into the Rafah area by Israel and the Israeli threats to attack Rafah, the massive displacement of these Palestinians into Sinai is a real possibility for which the Egyptian authorities had better be prepared and had better do all it can to prevent, warns Jordanian commentator Ihab Salameh on Friday's London-based, pan-Arab In addition to transferring the humanitarian, security and political responsibility for the displaced Palestinians to these authorities, there is a real question concerning what would happen if the Palestinians chose to exercise their right to attack from Sinai those who displaced them and whether the Egyptian forces would instead clash with them and prevent them from resisting the Israeli occupiers of their homeland.

WHAT THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS: Arab governments have restricted their support for the Palestinians and their opposition to the Israeli perpetrators of the most horrendous onslaught on them to mere words and rhetoric, with the result that no one takes their rhetorical positions seriously anymore, insists Egyptian commentator Wael Qandil on Friday's Qatari-owned, London-based, pan-Arab news portal In particular, Egypt has clearly refrained from exercising its sovereignty over the Rafah crossing to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the besieged, starved and brutally attacked Palestinians on the other side, highlighting the new lows to which the Egyptian state has sunk, hiding behind empty words and failing to take any decisive action.

A SHADY PLAN WITH WESTERN SUPPORT: With the Gaza war well into its fifth month, the identities of the losers are already beginning to emerge, with the U.S., Israel and many Arab parties holding the prime of place among them, claims Egyptian commentator Farouq Juweida in Friday's authoritative Cairo daily al-Ahram. The U.S. has lost all credibility in the Arab world, has been pushed out of the game by Israeli arrogance, is embroiled in an unwinnable war against the Houthis, while Biden seems set to lose the upcoming presidential elections; Israel lost its army's prestige, its image across the world, its strong economy, as well as suffering unprecedented human losses without achieving its war's declared aims; and the Arab normalizers with Israel have been shamed while the Arab peoples feel humiliated by their helplessness in the face of images of death and starvation from Gaza; only the Gazans emerge as winners thanks to their steadfastness.