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THE TRIANGLE: Nadav Eyal asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that Biden is hoping to promote normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia during his visit to Jerusalem.

CROSSING A RED LINE: Brigadier- General (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser claims in N12 that there have been some worrisome developments in the Iranian nuclear program.

IT'S COMPLICATED: Dr. David Koren argues in Israel Hayom that the East Jerusalem public is enduring an inner struggle between the desire to integrate in Jewish society and its national-religious identity.

THE JERUSALEM AXIS: Yoni Ben-Menachem writes in News1 that according to Hamas sources; it is set to launch a maritime campaign to break the Israeli naval blockade on Gaza.

COMING SOON: The Haaretz Editorial proclaims that Israel is marching eyes wide open toward Operation Guardian of the Walls 2.

ENCOURAGING ISLAMISTS: Yisrael Medad contends in The Jerusalem Post that Jordan, with American backing and Israel's acquiescence, is seeking to force an un-Jewish "status quo" on Temple Mount.


From Today's Arabic Press



IMPLEMENTING A STRATEGY: The assassination in Tehran of Quds Force Colonel Sayyad Khodai is a tactical success for Israel since it managed to target a major Iranian military figure in the heart of the Iranian capital, admits Lebanese commentator Ali Haidar in Tuesday's left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. But it is part of a strategy to curb Iran's influence and support for regional allies, a strategy that has so far proven an utter failure.

OLD/NEW TACTIC: Even if Israel's repeated attacks and assassinations directed at Iran have failed to end Iran's nuclear program or reverse its regional influence, there is a propaganda and psychological aspect to these attacks that Iran must address, insists Tuesday's editorial in the London-based, pan-Arab www.raialyoum.com. We can only wait to see if Iran now responds in kind to the assassination of Colonel Khodai via a direct attack against an Israeli target.

AN IRRATIONAL ELITE: The Israeli political and military decision-making elite is in deep crisis against the background of a societal split and, by raising regional tensions, is disregarding even the advice and warnings of Israeli security and army experts, claims Jordanian commentator Hazem 'Ayyad in the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Amman daily al-Sabeel. This requires the Palestinians and the rest of the region to prepare for likely scenarios that could push the region over the brink.

HAMAS' SHOCKING WIN: Hamas' clear win in the Birzeit University student elections has shocked the Fatah and PA establishment, especially since it is an indication of the mood among Palestinian youth in the West Bank, notes Palestinian commentator Ahmad 'Issa in the Palestinian daily al-Quds. The Palestinian national movement, as represented by Fatah, had better examine where it went wrong in representing this mood and reconsider its policies and strategies.

A MORE COMPLICATED SCENE: Lebanon's parliamentary elections have produced an even more complicated political situation where no side holds the majority and where compromises and negotiations will be necessary if progress is to be made towards confronting the formidable problems facing the country, observes leading Jordanian commentator 'Urayb ar-Rintawi on the pan-Arab news portal www.eremnews.com. Lebanon's main hope now lies in regional understandings that may pave the way towards easing its problems.