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"SOME OF THE BAD GUYS ARE EVEN WORSE NOW": IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir, asserts in an interview with Yoav Limor for Israel Hayom that despite the coronavirus crisis, the IDF is still well prepared and monitoring everything happening in the region. "If anyone is thinking of exploiting coronavirus in order to act against us – I suggest they think again", he says:

ISLAMIC JIHAD'S THREAT: Yoni Ben Menachem claims in News1 that despite Ziyad Nakhaleh's assertion that his organization will fire rockets at Israel if the siege is not lifted; a military conflagration is not in the offing.

IDF REFORMS ON HOLD: Ron Ben-Yishai argues in Ynet that the IDF will be forced to make do with what it has now, because rehabilitating the civilian sector from the damages of the epidemic are more important for Israel's security.

FATAH DISRUPTING EAST JERUSALEM: Ehud Ya'ari states in N12 that Fatah is trying to take advantage of Israel's preoccupation with curbing coronavirus to consolidate informal control over East Jerusalem.

NO RUSH: Yossi Verter proclaims in Haaretz that Gantz's time is running out, and Netanyahu is no longer in a rush to form an "emergency" government.

RECKLESS AND MISGUIDED: Amos Yadlin and Ari Heistein contend in The Times of Israel that the maximum pressure policy against the Iranian regime must be maintained.


From Today's Arabic Press



THE MOST EFFECTIVE RESPONSE: Despite U.S. criticism and sycophantic attacks from America's Arab allies, China's true scientific and humanitarian credentials have been on display during the coronavirus epidemic, maintains Editor-in-Chief 'Abdelbari 'Atwan on Thursday's London-based, pan-Arab www.raialyoum.com. China is gradually building the bases to replace the U.S. as the world's military and financial superpower, much as WWII allowed the U.S. to claim that role in the past.

THE REAL DISAGREEMENT: As Israel's main political blocs seek to form a national unity government, their real differences are not material, but formal, says writes Palestinian commentator Hamada Fara'neh in Thursday's Amman daily ad-Dustour. Both Likud and Kahol Lavan seek to annex the greatest area of Palestinian land with the least number of Palestinians, and both give no weight or credence to Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, or Christian concerns.

A DFFICULT AND DEADLY CHOICE: Reports from Northern Syria highlight the fact that it is unfair to describe all its residents as 'terrorists', notes Mohammed Eid on the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese news portal www.alahed.com.lb. Harsh living conditions are driving the youth in particular to join Turkish-backed groups, often at the price of possible death and despite the Turkish authorities reneging on their promises of financial remuneration.

OPEC'S FUTURE IN QUESTION: The Saudi/Russian oil war indicates that OPEC has lost its leadership role and direct influence in determining production levels and controlling prices, says Hani Habib in the leading Palestinian daily al-Ayyam. Russia has emerged as a deciding factor in production levels and prices, and OPEC may be witnessing its final days as an organization.

NUL POINTS: Although his government has been effective in confronting the coronavirus challenge, Lebanese PM Diab has failed to take any effective financial or political measures since taking office at the beginning of February, maintains Roseanna Boumoncef in Thursday's in Lebanese center-right daily an-Nahar. Diab and his colleagues appear to be seeking to follow the same failed route as their predecessors and seem to be unaware of the true scale of threat facing Lebanon.