Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



FOR AS LONG AS PUTIN ALLOWS: Alex Fishman writes in Yedioth Ahronoth that Putin took Israel for a ride when he promised to remove the Iranians from the Syrian border. But Israel continues to make believe he is a true friend.

WHAT CAN TRUMP LEARN FROM BEN GURION?: Gershon Hacohen claims in Makor Rishon that there is a massive difference between Ben Gurion's revolutionary deeds and the "pragmatic" policy put forth by devotees of withdrawals.

THE KOCHAVI VISION: Giora Eiland argues in Yedioth Ahronoth that those tasked with approving the chief of staff's multi-year plan would do well to examine the balancing point between its tidings and its inherent risks.

SAUDI GREEN LIGHT FOR TRUMP'S DEAL: Yoni Ben-Menachem states in News1 that Saudi Arabia is changing its position regarding Trump's deal. The Palestinians are livid, concerned that other countries will follow the Saudi lead.

ON NETANYAHU'S TERMS: Anshel Pfeffer proclaims in Haaretz that in five separate interviews Gantz said absolutely nothing new but proved Netanyahu still decides what a winning politician looks like.

CHANGING THE BORDERS: Terry Newman contends in The Jerusalem Post that only when the Palestinians reached the conclusion that rejection does not pay, they recognized Israel's statehood and signed the Oslo Accords.



From Today's Arabic Press



CHAMPIONING THE CAUSE: Various Arab regimes have lately sought to suppress anti-Israeli or pro-Palestinian popular protests in what is a remarkable reversal of the region's past history, maintains Monday's editorial in the Qatari-owned, London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi. The truth is that current Arab order represents one pole of repression, with Israeli occupation as the other.

ALL IN MOSCOW'S HANDS: Moscow's military and political support has spared Syria an unimaginable fate, but that does not necessarily mean that Syria should remain a card in the international and regional competition between Moscow and its rivals, says Fahd al-Khitan in Tuesday's Amman daily al-Ghad. Russia allowed the Turks into Idlib, and it must ensure that they and their allied jihadist groups withdraw, and that Syrian sovereignty is restored over its entire territories.

TRUMP'S DUAL PROMISE: While PA President 'Abbas has sought to bring Gaza and the West Bank together so as to confront the Trump Plan, Hamas is bent on foiling his efforts, Muwaffaq Matar in the pro-PA Palestinian daily al-Hayat al-Jadidah. Donald Trump's 'second Balfour' offers two promises this time around: One to the 'Jewish Brotherhood' (Israel), and the other to the Muslim Brotherhood and their Palestinian branch (Hamas); the first gets the West Bank, and the second gets Gaza

LEBANON'S FAILED OPPOSITION: Lebanon's opposition trio comprised of former PM Hariri's Future Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party, and the Lebanese Forces have performed a reprehensible acrobatic act by providing parliament with a quorum while refusing to grant PM Diab's government a vote of confidence, notes maintains Sam Menassa in Monday's Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat. This highlights the complicity between all Lebanese political forces, as well as Lebanon's primary malady: That of privileging subjective and personal interests over the supreme national interest.

SAUDI ARABIA'S EMIRATES PROBLEM IN YEMEN: As the Yemeni war ends its fifth year, the UAE has withdrawn the greater part of its direct military presence but has established an anti-Saudi proxy force via the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in 'Aden, notes Yassin Tamimi on the Qatari-owned pan-Arab news portal www.arabi21.com. The fact that Houthis have also continued to dole out painful blows to Saudi forces warrants asking Riyadh whether it can continue to fight alongside its Yemeni allies while conspiring to kill them at the same time, and how can it overcome the challenge posed by the Emirates' backed STC.