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THANK YOU, NETANYAHU: Ben-Dror Yemini asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that Binyamin Netanyahu was not only Israel's longest serving leader, he may also have been its most talented. But Bibi is leaving, and about time too.

BENNETT'S GAMBLE: Orly Goldklang claims in Makor Rishon that the bear hug Bennett is receiving from his partners will quickly turn into a stranglehold. Soon, as we have seen in the past, left-wing parties in the fake unity government will cause irreparable damage, without further ado.

BIDEN'S DISENGAGEMENT: Eyal Zisser argues in Israel Hayom that unlike Trump, who withdrew from the Mideast by strengthening America's allies, Biden's disengagement is predicated on withdrawing from commitments and placating enemies.

STABILITY IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA: Michael Milstein stresses in N12 that Hamas regards stability in Judea and Samaria as one of its strategic failures.

NETANYAHU EMBODIES TRUMP: Yossi Verter proclaims in Haaretz that Naftali Bennett was appointed as Israel's prime minister yesterday, however, Yair Lapid became the undisputed candidate of the center-left bloc for prime minister.

CAN BENNETT PROTECT SETTLEMENTS? Tovah Lazaroff contends in The Jerusalem Post that Bennett throughout his political career has been clear that he believes that all of Area C should be part of sovereign Israel.


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A CIRCUS AND A BAZAAR: Yesterday's Knesset vote for a new Israeli government was both a circus and a bazaar, in which outgoing PM Netanyahu and incoming PM Bennett traded insults and outbid each other in extremism and aggressiveness towards the Palestinians in Israel, and in the occupied territories, maintains leading Jordanian commentator 'Urayb ar-Rintawi in Monday's Amman daily ad-Dustour. With such leaders, the region will witness no stability, and the door has been opened to domestic strife in Israel unlike any it has witnessed so far.

ROCKET IMAGERY: Cairo's irritation with PA President 'Abbas is the main reason for the talks' cancellation, The fall of Israeli PM Netanyahu can be directly ascribed to the Palestinian resistance and its recent steadfastness in Gaza in particular, contends leading Jordanian commentator 'Urayb ar-Rintawi in Monday's Amman daily ad-Dustour. The 11-day Gaza war has altered all regional equations, and done away with the illusion of peace, as well as portending the end of Israel as a supremacist and racist state.

BEST POSTPONED: This past weekend was supposed to witness a high-level inter-Palestinian dialogue brokered by Egypt, but neither Fatah nor Hamas appear prepared to concede on their entrenched authority in the West Bank and Gaza respectively, 'Amr Shoubaki in the left-leaning Egyptian daily al-Masri al-Youm. The dialogue is thus best postponed until the two main Palestinian parties review their stance and decide to work together in a revitalized PLO on the basis of a new consensual political program.

AN-NUSRA'S COSMETIC CHANGES: Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham (HTS), the former Nusra Front, has twisted and turned in a systematic bid to disguise its extreme al-Qa'ida origins and ensure that it accorded a place in any Syrian political settlement, writes Absi Sumeisim on the London-based, Qatari-owned, pan-Arab news portal www.alaraby.co.uk. The truth, however, is that HTS has continued to impose its abusive sharia- based rule against the wishes of the local population, and all the organization's alleged moderation is merely a ploy to deceive the outside world.

THE PRESIDENT'S TOUR: U.S. President Biden has one overriding objective in his current European tour, and that is to do away with Trump's legacy and redirect Europe and NATO to refocus on China and Russia, notes Monday's editorial in the UAE daily al-Khaleej. The problem is that Europe has its own reasons to maintain its current links with Moscow and Beijing, and there is some concern as to whether Biden's policy of undoing Trump's policies, may be reversed if Trump himself or some like-minded figure should win in 2024.