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ISIS/KURDS: Fehim Tastkin reveals ISIS’s objective in centre-left Radikal: "ISIS, which has lost Tal Abyad and Ayn al-Issa to pro-Kurdish forces, has attempted to take its revenge in Kobani. The latest attacks do not seem to be the product of a strategy that is meant to retake Kobani. The aim could be to undermine the prestige of the YPG [People's Protection Units, the armed wing of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD)] that is growing like a snowball. ISIS has received the biggest blow on the Iraqi and Syrian fronts from the Kurds. To deflate the YPG myth, ISIS wanted to show that it can hit the Kurds in their home base if it wants to."

Sami Kohen has more to say about ISIS’s goal in centrist Milliyet: "The biggest surprise and most serious shock for the Kurds was that of ISIS militants wearing YPG uniforms, penetrating into Kobani and murdering and wounding many people there with their bombs. Kobani, which has almost turned into a symbol after its brave resistance against ISIS last year, has become a target for ISIS just as it was returning to normal life, and the goal is to demonstrate that peace and stability cannot be secured on this front even with military victories."

Writing in the same paper, Murat Aksoy charts Turkey’s most desirable future course: "It is necessary for Turkey to pursue normalization, democratization and liberalization at home, and peaceful mediation abroad. For that reason, the HDP should not be isolated politically, but made a part of Turkey's normalization. This is one of the conditions for resolving the Kurdish problem and Turkey becoming an actor in the Middle East. No matter which coalition may be formed in Turkey, its priority should be to normalize its domestic policy and get rid of the dreams of [Sunni] 'sectarian fraternity' while embracing the EU and universal values."

Ibrahim Kiras warns of a danger that may have escaped others’ attention in centrist Vatan: "I do not know whether anyone is aware of this, but yesterday Turkey pulled back from the verge of a new October 6-7 [2014] savagery [when HDP supporters clashed with security forces over the Kobani battle between ISIS and the Kurds]. The statements made by the leaders of the HDP, which claims to be a Turkish party, were irresponsible, provocative, and frankly, ill-intentioned even from the very start. Thus, if the charge that yesterday's ISIS attack was committed from Turkish territory is not disproved in front of the cameras, there could be new 6-7 October savagery."

Ahmet Kekec adopts a threatening tone in centre-right, pro-government Star: "This was a familiar ISIS attack. Let the HDP pursue the same intrigue. Let them try a new disgrace. Let them pour the masses onto the streets. We are waiting."

Ibrahim Karagul lambastes the government’s critics in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government Yeni Safak: "The ISIS forces came to Kobani with a convoy of vehicles and launched a couple of attacks. Then an unbelievable campaign began. An ugly model, which transcends the borders of the country, is being presented by talking about 'terrorist Turkey'."



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