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COALITION SCENARIOS: Oral Calislar says that compromise offers the only path to a new government in centre-left Radikal: "The composition of parliament after the last elections dictates a compromising discourse and a problem-solving approach. Let us leave aside the probability of 'early elections' for the moment; it seems impossible to secure any result other than by compromise. The perception that all the votes other than those that went to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) have united around the same goal, has hit the wall once again. The fact that 41 per cent voted for the AKP is quite clear."

Mehmet Tezkan argues that the AKP has good reason to push for a minority government in centrist Milliyet: "If the MHP [Nationalist Movement Party] will say 'no' to whatever the HDP [pro-Kurdish leftist alliance] says 'yes' to from now on, the AKP can start dancing already because this means a visa to an AKP minority government. It means telling the AKP 'form the government; we are behind you'. If I were an AKP leader and in PM Ahmet Davutoglu's shoes, I would soon make the list of ministers, form a minority government and bring it before President Erdogan for his approval."

Ali Sirmen sees a loss for democracy in secular, Kemalist Cumhuriyet: "Just three weeks after June 7th, the presidency of the republic, the prime ministry and the head of parliament are all in Erdogan’s hands again. The dreams of a government without the AKP have evaporated. It has become clear that the AKP and MHP together have a majority in parliament and that MHP leader Devlet Bahceli will continue to support the AKP (or more precisely Tayyip Erdogan) as in the past. The June 7th elections democracy-healing properties have been nullified."

Mustafa Unal predicts early elections in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-Gulen Zaman: "The first phase of the political equation with multiple variables (electing a parliament) is over. It is now the turn of coalition and early election scenarios. The election of a parliamentary speaker has neither brought forward any new model nor killed any formula. A government with the AKP is sure. The options are limited. CHP or MHP (as coalition partner). If not, the remedy is an election in November."


SYRIA CRISIS/KURDS/ISIS:  Kurtulus Tayiz proposes a more active role against ISIS in centre-right, pro-government Aksam: "Ankara is ready to join a coalition with the rest of the world against ISIS. The option of a Syrian buffer zone is still on the table. Cooperation with the U.S. on training and equipping the moderate Syrian opposition can be taken to a higher level. Ankara can open Incirlik base to hit ISIS provided it is based on common planning with the U.S."

Sibel Eraslan believes the Kurds are on their way to achieving the goal in centre-right, pro-government Star: "The civil war in Syria and the power vacuum that has arisen as a result have presented the Kurds with significant opportunity to achieve their goal of 'Kurdistan' via their experience in Rojava [northern Syria]. With the strength derived from international support as well, we are facing a new Kurdistan map that is cleansed from the Arab and Turcoman populations. The positive contact between the PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party]/PYD [pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria] and the West via the war against ISIS has secured de facto recognition of these organizations that have long been isolated on the grounds of terrorism."

Ibrahim Karagul suggests that others are exploiting the war against ISIS in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government Yeni Safak: "Soon after the 9/11 attacks, al-Qa'ida emerged. It was marketed to the whole world as violence and fear. Now, ISIS is being turned into a power that extends beyond countries, borders and regions. It is becoming organized in every country from Tunisia to Syria, from Afghanistan to Iraq. It is being served to the world as a new face of fear and violence. Countries are being dragged into civil wars, ethnic and sectarian clashes are being subcontracted through such organizations."



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