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JUNE 7th GENERAL ELECTIONS: Ugur Gurses dismisses fears of the elections’ impact on the economy in centre-left Radikal: "Two main fears have been spread during the election campaign: that the election results will turn the Turkish government into a coalition, and that Deputy PM Ali Babacan will not be in charge of the economy any more. Both these fears are presented as the worst scenario for the economy. Both are unfounded. If there is a coalition, it will not have such negative consequences. On the contrary, the politicians who are spreading fear should learn their lessons well."

Mehmet Tezkan argues that the ruling party is in a state of panic in centrist Milliyet: "We will be heading to the polls in four days’ time. The ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) has ratcheted up its rhetoric. It has taken it to the point of words that should not be said even in a fight. One can say that this is normal in the final days before the election; the parties play their last cards. But this is not the case. The ruling party is in a state of panic. If one were to ask where I have got this from I would say: first, from what religious figures are saying as they have begun to criticize the government which they have never criticized up till now; and second, from the fact that the government is conducting a religion-based campaign. In addition, there are the warnings from newspaper columnists who are connected to the government’s grassroots. President Erdogan is trying to save the ruling party sinking vessel."

Mustafa Balbay insists that Erdogan’s era is over in secular, Kemalist Cumhuriyet: "Erdogan is the AKP’s problem from now on. He has stopped being Turkey’s problem. For someone who has lost all neutrality in the June 7th election process, used the state’s resources for his party alone, put pressure on all state institutions to work for the AKP, even resorted to Hitler-like methods in silencing the press and manipulating public opinion, it is now impossible to be president of all of Turkey. In this sense, the term of the 12th President of Turkey, Erdogan, has ended. What remains is the president of the AKP."

Nazli Ilicak believes that the incoming government will not bring stability in centrist, pro-Gulen Bugun: "Turkey should be prepared for early elections. It is possible that the new government may not be formed in the required 45 days or that a short-lived coalition may be formed. This coalition will take some democratic steps and some economic measures. And in a year’s time, new election will be held. These elections will not bring stability. Even if the AKP comes to power alone, it will not bring stability."

Kurtulus Tayiz detects a campaign against Erdogan’s person in centre-right, pro-government Aksam:  "Since the [summer 2014] Gezi square uprising and the December 2014 coup attempt were meant to end with Erdogan be handcuffed and toppled like Muhammad Mursi and sent to the gallows like Adnan Menderes [former Turkish PM hanged after 1960 military coup]. What do they want from Erdogan? We can give a clear answer to this question: President Erdogan can only rescue himself from such pressure only by submitting to the national will."

Unsal Ban paints a dire scenario in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government Yeni Safak: "A coalition will be the main cause for instability and will lead to growing economic fragility, as well as leave our country defenseless against inside and outside shocks. All the achievements of the last 12-13 years will suddenly disappear. The impact of this situation on the public will be felt almost immediately. Prices will go up rapidly, wages will stay fixed and life will become more expensive."



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