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JUNE 7th GENERAL ELECTIONS: Cengiz Candar argues President Erdogan is destroying his party’s electoral hopes in centre-left Radikal: "If there were the presidential elections rather than general elections on June 7th, Erdogan would never have been chosen as the president based on his performance over the last couple of days. The idea that Erdogan is more popular than the AKP [ruling Justice and Development Party] has always been dominant in public opinion. However, this time around, Erdogan is the person primarily responsible for his party’s great loss of votes, where even the votes that can bring the AKP to power alone have become in doubt. With him in charge, he is bringing down the AKP as well."

Mehmet Tezkan believes that the ruling party and its leaders are in trouble in centrist Milliyet: "I am listening to the president. I am listening to the prime minister. They are very nervous. They are very angry. The president is not talking like a president. He is talking like a party leader who has joined an election campaign. He is uttering slogans in support of the ruling party. He is attacking opposition leaders using the harshest words. The government is in distress. It is in a difficult situation. It is shaking."

Can Dundar believes that the president is paying the price for his support of his former Gulen allies in secular, Kemalist Cumhuriyet: "I guess Erdogan has asked the question that best describes what we are facing: 'what did they ask for that we did not give?' In fact, the president gave his former accomplice [Gulen Movement leader Fethullah Gulen] every authority, post and opportunity. He turned a blind eye to the oppression of the movement’s rivals without paying attention to the law and rules, to the Gulen’s deep organization inside every element of the state. And in the end, the structure that he created came and hit him. This is the photograph that you see on the front page of Cumhuriyet [showing the Turkish police fighting with the Turkish intelligence agents who were allegedly taking arms to Syria in January 2014]."

Ali Bulac has high hopes for the Kurdish movement in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-Gulen Zaman: "The June 7th elections represent a critical threshold. The Kurdish political movement’s biggest handicap is the 10% election barrier. This is really a high and unfair bar. It was primarily put in place to prevent the Kurdish political movement from becoming legal. If the HDP [pro-Kurdish leftist alliance] passes the barrier, this will put great pressure on the AKP."

Nasuhi Gungor uncovers the opposition’s plans in centre-right, pro-government: Star: "If the HDP passes the electoral threshold, the AKP’s power will decrease even if it comes to power, and those groups who did not wonder where and how the Kurds live, will then move against the AKP thanks to the Kurds. If it cannot pass the electoral barrier, claiming that the Kurds have been left outside the system, it will forge an alliance with Kandil [PKK- Kurdistan Workers' Party northern Iraq leadership] and put into force the street plan rehearsed in October 2014 [pro-PKK protests that the state was not supporting the Kurds in Kobani, Syria against ISIS]."

Abdulkadir Selvi outlines the potential consequences of an HDP win or loss in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government Yeni Safak: "If it can continue and advance as a party of Turkey and not just the Kurds, as it has developed since the presidential elections in August 2014, the HDP has the opportunity to become Turkey’s main opposition party. If it cannot pass the barrier and move toward the mountains and violence, the HDP’s last days will begin. Whether the HDP passes the barrier or not will affect the balance of power between Kandil and imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan as well. It will be a significant test for Ocalan's leadership as well."

Emin Pazarci launches an attack on the U.S. media in centre-right, pro-government Aksam: "The U.S. media has openly begun to support the HDP. International agencies have been activated. The HDP has been given a makeover and a Turkish flag has been put into its hand. And yet, the peace process has not been foiled! Moreover, the hands of those seeking to divide the country have now become stronger. The target is clear: to evict the AKP from power, get the HDP into parliament and cause a legislative deadlock, thus creating a chaotic atmosphere in Turkey in order to achieve autonomy at least." 



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