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COALITION OPTIONS/EARLY ELECTIONS: Oral Calislar rules out one particular coalition option in centre-left Radikal: "Actually, the AKP [ruling Justice and Development Party]-HDP [pro-Kurdish leftist alliance] coalition is the most reasonable among coalition options regarding a series of basic issues, such as the Kurdish peace process, democratization and a new constitution. However, there was great tension between the two parties during the election campaign. Their bridges were burnt and as a result, since election night, the HDP’s leaders have been saying 'we are not going to form a coalition with the AKP'. Thus, in the short run at least, the doors seem to be closed to an AKP-HDP coalition."

Mehmet Tezkan suggests that President Erdogan has made up his mind about early elections in centrist Milliyet: "The head of state, i.e. the president, is seriously considering new elections in November.  He has told former CHP [main opposition Republican People's Party] head Deniz Baykal that his priority is early elections. Those close to [Erdogan’s new presidential palace] Bestepe are saying that the president has armed himself with the notion of early elections after observing the tendencies of the last few days. If we head to the polls again in November, the fear of ending up with no coalition and of continuous uncertainty might lead those who stopped voting for the AKP to support the party again."

Nuray Mert calls on the AKP to act responsibly in secular, Kemalist Cumhuriyet: "We have an opportunity to mend our democracy. Now our duty is to make the proper use of this opportunity. The AKP bears a great burden in this. It has to act responsibly, instead of playing for chaos!"

Sevgi Akarcesme remains sceptical about early elections in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-Gulen Zaman: "A coalition with the AKP will not go beyond serving Erdogan's interests. The argument that if the AKP cannot form a coalition, Erdogan will take the country to early elections, ignores how strong the opposition’s hand is if it plays its cards well. Besides, it will not be easy to persuade newly elected MPs, who have not yet received their pension rights, to run again."

Ahmet Tasgetiren sees the potential for a broad coalition in centre-right, pro-government Star: "Will the Kurdish peace process represent the biggest obstacle to a possible AKP-MHP [Nationalist Movement Party] coalition? I do not believe that a rapprochement between the AKP and the MHP is impossible. I believe that this will make the peace process much healthier. Such a rapprochement does not necessarily need to be realized by targeting the HDP, for example. On the contrary, healthy communications can be built with this party, and in the end, all of Turkey will win; its east and west, Turks and Kurds."

Hayrettin Karaman believes the main opposition party will act in its self-interest in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government Yeni Safak: "The CHP seems to be willing to form a government, even with the AKP. This is how it seeks to weaken the reaction of the grassroots, rescue some heads and secure its share of opportunities from being in power."

Hasan Cemal does not believe that the president has changed his colors in independent online T24: "I have been watching Erdogan's first speech on June 7th quite carefully. Has he changed? He is in a certain mood. He is trying to send positive messages on the coalition issue, and about not leaving Turkey without a government. Is he persuasive? I do not think so. I have the impression that he is playing his own game once again. I think that he has not dropped his original 'game plan', especially after hearing his statement that he is the first president to have been elected directly by the public. His enmity towards the West in his speech greatly strengthens this impression. I repeat that Erdogan is a heavy burden on both Turkish politics and the AKP."



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