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From today’s Turkish press


GENERAL ELECTIONS: Mehmet Tezkan is dissatisfied with the current political climate in centrist Milliyet: "The currant atmosphere is bad for this country but very convenient for the opposition. No matter which issue one may choose, one can take aim at the government. There are many issues at stake. The government has nothing to say. The country is in ruins. Under this government, trust for the judiciary has hit rock bottom. All decisions are taken based on political considerations."

Mustafa Unal believes the electorate has been let down by the ruling AKP (Justice and Welfare Party) in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-Gulen Zaman: "The truth is that the ruling party began well and initiated revolution-like reform packages. It continued in a good manner. It took Turkey closer to Europe. Its star shone in the region with its advances in democracy and freedom. It became a role model, and it received its reward at the ballot box. But the era of hegemony has not been good for it. It has turned into an era of weakness. It moved toward the Ankara [as opposed to the EU] criteria. The public has been truly deceived."

Sibel Eraslan suggests that the elections’ results have been predetermined in centre-right, pro-government Star: "Looking at the AKP’s electoral graph over the past decade and in the recent public polls, an election victory has already been decided. And whether the HDP [pro-Kurdish leftist alliance] will pass the 10% electoral threshold or not is not a strong enough factor to affect the outcome in favor of the AKP, although it will affect the arithmetic in parliament. That is why, no one expects a radical surprise or an election earthquake".

Mehmet Seker anticipates an about-turn from opposition leaders in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-government Yeni Safak: "If the leaders keep their word, only one party leader should remain in his chair after the elections. But our experience gives us no confidence. We cannot clearly say that the others will not still be there after the election. An appropriate explanation will be found. Although this may not be logical, those who will not resign will claim 'this was not what I meant by resignation'."


DISMISSAL OF GOVERNMENT GRAFT PROBE OFFICIALS: Orhan Kemal Cengiz berates the government for its crackdown on state corruption probes in centrist, pro-Gulen Bugun: "What we should understand is that any policeman, prosecutor or judge who conducts an investigation that affects the government will soon be put in prison and have their career ruined. Depriving people of their profession, academic credentials and daily bread just because they disturb the authorities can never be tolerated under a democratic regime. Suppressing the people who stand up against the state can only be the wish of totalitarian or fascist regimes. It shows in which direction the country is moving."

Hasan Cem issues a rallying call in independent Internet T24: "In a country where judges are imprisoned because of their verdicts; where prosecutors are imprisoned due to the results of their probes, how can we talk about any law? In a country where the president says that he has suspended the constitution, how can one talk about the law? In a country where the president is using campaign rallies to advance his propaganda, how can one talk about the law? Will we accept this? No, we will fight against it."



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